Newstart Canada offers financing for credit-constrained Canadians for all their vehicular needs. With over 4,500 deals financed to date Newstart Canada specializes in

  • Vehicle Repair Financing
  • Vehicle Modifications, Rims and Tires
  • New and Used Vehicle Financing
  • Vehicle Title Loans

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Partnering with Newstart Canada allows you to find financing for your client fast with the average approval time taking less than 24 hours. Our streamed lined application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete saving you time and energy.

Additional benefits to partnering with Newstart Canada

  • We do not base our decision on credit scores
  • You will receive an account manager so you will always be speaking with the same person
  • We have a variety of different payment methods, so you get paid fast!
  • We will communicate with the client regarding any financial or income questions we may have so you don’t have to be the middle man.

How it works

Simply register your company and log into the partner portal. Here you can upload your clients’ information, communicate with your account manager and view the status of your clients’ application.

We will also provide you with a unique ID where so your customers can go online and apply themselves and we will track that client back to you.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexible payment frequency
  • Easy to read contracts
  • Short and long term financing
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Online portal to manage and update their account

Starting a Partnership

Partnering with Newstart is easy. Simply head to the following link to register or follow the button below and fill out a form.

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If you’d like more information beforehand you can reach us at