Specialized Financing

Newstart Canada can help you get the financing you need to purchase a new or used vehicle.
Whether it’s a car to help you get to work easier or a minivan to drive your children to soccer
practice, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been turned down by other lenders or are looking for
a personalized experience, we have even more options for you to choose from.


Freedom of Choice

Newstart Canada allows you to choose and find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs. Unlike
most lenders who restrict you to certain models and vehicles, we offer the complete freedom
for you to find the perfect car that you desire.
Instant Savings
Newstart Canada works and partners with many dealerships and dealers all across Canada.
With many partners and friends in all areas of the industry we can find you instant reduced
prices and rates all across Canada to help you save.


How it works?

Once approved Newstart works with you directly to find your ideal vehicle. We do the heavy
lifting for you and will communicate with dealerships in your area to find you a vehicle that fits
your budget and your particular needs!


The Benefits of a Newstart Car Loan

  • Personalized repayment schedule
  • Affordable installment payments with flexibility
  • Freedom to choose your vehicle
  • Instant savings on vehicles
  • Any credit is accepted