Auto Repair Loans

Having unexpected auto issues or problems is always stressful, especially when we rely on our
vehicles for everyday activities. At Newstart we understand the importance of getting your
vehicle back on the road as soon as possible and want to work with you on getting your repairs
and maintenance done.


Whats Covered for Repairs?

Unlike most Lenders who will only cover minor repairs or claims, we at Newstart are more than
willing to cover any and all repair work. Will cover anything from dent repairs, paint jobs, new
brakes, windshield cracks, engine repairs and vehicle collision repairs.


How do Repair Loans work?

Getting a loan for a repair is quick, simple and only requires a title loan on your vehicle being
repaired! The great thing about our repair loans is will cover all repairs required on your
vehicle. All we require is that the repair work doesn’t exceed the total value of your vehicle and
you pass a quick review.


The Benefits of a Repair Loan

  • Guaranteed Vehicle Repairs
  • Any and all Repair requests accepted
  • Reduced Interests Rate with Title Loan
  • Affordable installment payments with flexibility
  • Any credit rating is accepted