Flexible Title Loans

Newstart Canada offers the most flexibility for large loans with security. Whether you have a
vehicle, boat or recreational vehicle to use against your loan, Newstart is willing to use it for
your title loan!


Why a Title Loan?

Title loans are the fastest and most secured way to get you a loan quickly. For larger requests of
$5000+ you would need to use a vehicle or some form of security to obtain a loan. Title loans
offer a number of benefits; you get a reduced interest rate, prioritized application review and
larger loans!


How does it work?

At Newstart we have our specialist review your vehicle to determine the eligibility against your
loan request. If your vehicle covers your loan request, a title is placed on your vehicle to secure
it against your loan. Don’t worry though, your vehicle stays with you and where extremely
flexible with missed payments!


The Benefits of a Title Loan

  • Prioritize Application Review
  • Approved Larger Loans
  • Affordable installment payments with flexibility
  • Reduced Interest Rates
  • Any credit rating is accepted